Using UACalc

Inputing algebras: Three ways.

  • File -> Built in Algs in the File menu gives you a choice of built in algebras.

  • File -> New allows you to imput a new algebra. Use the Add button to add operations.

  • You can read in existing files, which can be in either the old (.alg) format or new (.ua) format. You can also save in either format.
Current Algebra:
  • The table at the bottom of the screen lists the algebras in the system. The current algebra is highlighted. You can click on another algebra to make it the current algebra.
  • Many of UACalc's computations are done in the background. The Computation tab keeps track of these. The middle part keeps track of the progress and state of the computation. The top part shows the result and the bottom gives ongoing information. You can view other tasks, both running and completed, by clicking on them in the Tasks table.

  • Computing the congruence lattice will sometimes be done in the background. After this completes you can return to the Con tab and press Go a second time to see it.
Immutable Algebras:
  • Most algebras constructed from a menu are immutable. For example a quotient algebra, which can be created either from the HSP menu or by right clicking a congruence in the congruence lattice, is immutable. If you do need to edit it, you can push the Make into Basic Alg button.

More coming!